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Haină Blană Vulpe

Fox Fur Coat

Fox fur quickly became the second most popular type of fur for fur coats, right behind mink fur coats. For centuries, they have been known as the ultimate embodiment of sophistication, elegance and class – they also add a special sparkle to any wardrobe. Many people love the look and feel of fox fur, as well as the price of this type of fur. However, one of the most attractive reasons for choosing a fox fur coat is the variety of natural colors in which the fur can be found. While many furs can be dyed different colors, fox colors are natural.

An exquisitely crafted natural fox fur coat will provide you with an amazing degree of comfort and elegance that virtually no other outerwear will be able to compete with. When we think of fox fur clothing, we think of famous people who have their coats draped over their shoulders on red carpets or at various galas.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people walking down a city street wearing a gorgeous fur coat. Whether or not you're at a fancy event or just walking around town, if it's cold out, a natural fox fur winter outerwear is a great choice to dress up in before heading out the door.

Natural fox fur has an average price compared to other types of fur such as mink or sable. It's great for those who want an article of clothing that looks luxurious, but also want the garment to be affordable.

When most people think of fox fur, they think of red foxes. These foxes offer a bright red color that will stand out when wearing furs, especially when surrounded by people wearing white, black or brown. Red fox fur can be used as an accent piece or as a coat that will create a luminous effect that will draw attention to you.

If you're looking for a more elegant look from natural fox fur, black fox fur is a great option. This luxurious color creates a fur coat that is perfect for those special occasions. When you want a perfect fur coat for evening, one made of natural black fox fur is the perfect option.

Fox fur is one of the most important types of fur that people look for when it comes to choosing fox fur coats, fur shawls, fur capes and many other natural fox fur products.

Fox fur coat – Care

Natural fox fur, like other types of natural fur, requires specific care. From simply storing the coat on a sturdy hanger with wide shoulders to regular professional cleaning, if these instructions are followed, you will be able to enjoy your fox fur for many years and even pass it down from generation to generation.

A coat made of natural fox fur is a special article of clothing that will surely attract all eyes and give its owner extra elegance and comfort. With the clothing items made of natural fox fur from Mareus you can highlight your personality in the cold season and you will certainly delight all eyes.