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Payment methods

To buy the products from our store, you can opt for one of the payment methods:

Payment by Debit Card

Debit card payment processing is provided and secured by Shopify through the Service Shopify Payments . Accepted cards are VISA and MasterCard .

If the card is associated with an account in a currency other than RON, transactions are carried out in RON, at the exchange rate of the issuing bank for the respective card.

There is no additional transaction fee.

How to pay online by debit card

On the checkout page, in the payment section, the first Shopify Payments option appears pre-selected under the name "By card". You enter the card data, make sure that the other fields are filled in correctly and press "Pay now".

The transaction is also to be confirmed by e-mail, to the account address created in the platform or to the e-mail address entered in the order completion page (Checkout). If the payment was not authorized, you will be able to try again immediately after the payment failed message is displayed.

Cash on delivery

The payment will be paid in cash (RON) at the time of delivery of the package. You will pay the courier the invoice amount (the value of the products) and, if applicable, the transport fee.


At checkout, select TBI PAY as payment method then place your order. You will be automatically redirected to the TBI Pay website where you will fill in the necessary details for the installment payment.