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About us

Mastery since 1991

It all started in 1991, a business started from the love of beauty, based on principles such as passion, quality, elegance, refinement and durability.

Although it started on a small scale, the natural fur business gradually grew from processing hides to making fur hats, then we made the transition to a diversified range of products, such as vests, capes, clothes and other natural fur accessories.

Why did we create mareus?

Since 1991, Mareus was born from the passion for beauty, focusing on principles such as elegance, quality and durability, developing a diversified range of natural fur products.

Our Mission

Mareus' mission is to provide clothing items made from premium materials such as natural furs, which fully satisfy customers' tastes and needs, based on quality and attention to detail.

Used materials

The materials used by Mareus reflect our commitment to quality, thus all our products are created from premium natural materials, such as diversified natural furs or natural leather.

Showroom Mareus

We cordially invite you to discover the elegance and quality of our products in our showroom, where you will find a wide range of attractive options.