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Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

A "cookie" ("browser cookie", "HTTP cookie" or "internet cookie") is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, which can be stored on the user's terminal (computer, mobile or other device from which the Internet is accessed). The cookie is installed through the request issued by a web server to a browser (eg: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) and is completely "passive" (it does not contain software programs, viruses or spyware and cannot access the information on the hard disk the user). The duration of existence of a cookie is determined.

Why do we use cookies?

This automatic data storage technology is used to collect information such as: browser type, operating system, etc. We use cookies to improve the use and functionality of our website and to better understand how visitors use it.

Our cookies allow the timely identification of users who have visited our site before, without compromising personal data. In order to offer you the best services, we will use both "permanent" cookies and "session cookies".

Permanent cookies serve to offer you a better navigation on our website.

Disabling these cookies does not affect the possibility of using the site.

The data stored in the session cookies are valid only for your current visit and offer the possibility of full use of the services available on our website.


Strictly necessary cookies

These are essential cookies that allow you to navigate our website and use its features. These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used for advertising or to record internet activity.

Functionality cookies

They record the choices you make (such as your preferred language) and provide you with personalized user features. They can record the changes you made on the site. The information it collects can be made anonymous. They refer strictly to our website and cannot track other websites you visit.

Tracking cookies

These cookies are used by traffic analysis services, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or other similar software, and their purpose is to create statistics on the number of visitors accessing the site, traffic sources and time spent on the site.

Cookies are classified as either temporary ("session" cookies) or longer term ("permanent cookies").

"Session" cookies record your actions in a single browsing session. This "session" starts when the page is opened and ends when it is closed. Then the cookies are deleted forever.

"Permanent" cookies are those that remain on your phone or computer for a certain period of time. They are activated automatically when you visit a certain site again.

Another classification between cookies is made according to their source: "primary" cookies or "third party" cookies. "Primary" cookies are created by the site you are visiting, and "third party" cookies are created by a site other than the one visited. Website  allows third-party cookies only from sites approved by the company.

advertisement  can display, on its pages, advertisements for the products in its offer as well as for products or services belonging to third parties. Through  and by accepting its Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy, you directly express your acceptance of being the recipient of these commercial communications.


In order to offer you products customized to your interests and preferences, we process certain data with some partners that help us address personalized offers, such as: (i) data processing through the Facebook platform to send you personalized offers through targeted advertisements with the help of the function of personalized audiences on customer lists, or (ii) data processing to send you personalized offers based on online behavioral advertising carried out with Google AdWords. The way in which Facebook or Google processes your data is presented in the privacy policy of each, available as public information.

How can I stop cookies?

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