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Modele de caciuli de blana

Models of fur hats

Different types of winter hats have been worn for centuries to keep people warm during the harshest winters. Nowadays, natural fur hats are made not only to keep us warm, but also to look beautiful. It is an amazing accessory that has its value in the fashion world. Usually these fur hats are made in a classic way, but there are some made in a modern way, with intense colors and an innovative design.

When considering buying a real fur hat, it's important to think about where you plan to wear it and what its main function will be. Some fur hats are perfect for leisure activities and offer a casual look, other fur hats are more elegant and more for special occasions. It is important to choose a hat that suits your needs and preferences.

One of the most common models of fur hats is the Russian-style fur hat. A Russian-style fur hat is a traditional hat that originated in Russia, known for its ear protection. This style of fur hat is extremely warm and was originally designed to cope with the cold Russian winters. This model of natural fur hat has a flat top and is equipped with specific ear protection. By wearing the ear flaps down, you can protect your ears, chin and upper neck from the cold. You can turn up the ear flaps on milder days. All fur hats with this pattern have either a string or a buckle at the bottom of the ears that can be used if you choose to tie the flaps or tie them under the chin.

Patterns of fur hats

Another popular fur hat design is the natural fur aviator hat. The fur aviator hat is one of the most popular fur hat styles on the market. This type of fur hat is also the most casual style of all fur hats, which may explain its popularity. This hat has a rounded top instead of the flat one seen on other fur hat designs. It features a fur interior on the front and side flaps, but generally has a different lining on the inside of the hat. Because the aviator hat is a casual hat, it generally has a buckle strap at the bottom to help hold the ear flaps up or down. The natural fur aviator hat is ideal for outdoor activities. It's perfect for activities like skating or sledding or just walking around because it's casual and has a durable exterior.

Whatever model of natural fur hat you choose, it is important to follow the advice of specialists regarding the maintenance, cleaning and storage of such an item of clothing. With proper care, a natural fur hat will last for many years. For everyday use or for special occasions, Mareus offers you a wide range of models of natural fur hats. You have the opportunity to purchase a special item that perfectly matches your personality and preferences.