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Căciulă blană vulpe

Fox fur hat

Natural fur is a chic, comfortable trend that can be adopted by anyone, especially during the cold season. The fox fur hat is a stylish, warm and comfortable piece of clothing. Although some fashion trends tend to fade after a while, fox fur hats have successfully stood the test of time.

Hats made of natural fox fur will add style and glamor to any outfit, be it elegant or casual. It is said that in the past, these hats could only be worn by wealthy women in Western countries, who only bought exotic fashion accessories from overseas, and by women in Russia. But since then they have become available and popular for all people who want a luxurious and quality article of clothing.

Natural fox fur hats have been around for centuries. In fact, some Russian women claim that their fox fur hats have been passed down through generations as a family heirloom. These hats come in all kinds of colors, cuts, designs and sizes, giving them the ability to cater to all styles and preferences.

When considering buying a natural fox fur hat, it's important to think about where you plan to wear it and what its main function will be. Some fox fur hats are perfect for leisure activities and offer a casual look, other fur hats are more elegant and meant for special occasions. It is important to choose a hat that suits your needs and preferences. No matter what style or look you're going for, there's a fox fur hat to match any style.

Fox fur hat - care

Like any other natural fur item, a fox fur hat with proper care will make it last for many years. A natural fox fur hat should be protected from chemicals, including makeup, perfume and any hair products. So never apply these products while wearing a hat. After each wear, allow the hat to "rest" on a hat form and dry completely from body moisture and the elements. This will help the hat keep its shape over time.

If the fox fur hat gets wet, shake off the excess water. Then, allow the fur to air dry away from direct heat sources and direct sunlight, as these can burn and discolor the fur. Also, never use a hair dryer to try to dry the fur. Instead, place the hat on a wig or hat form or over a rounded vase or jar so air can circulate freely. This will also prevent the fur from being crushed or flattened from sitting directly on a hard surface. When the fur is completely dry, shake the hat to restore its volume. If necessary, you can gently brush the hat in the natural direction of the fur with a good quality brush to restore smoothness.

Fox fur has many characteristics that make it the perfect choice for a hat this cold season. It is not just a type of luxurious and soft fur. Fox fur gives you incredible warmth without adding much weight. This is a great asset for people who want a warm hat but don't like the weight that characterizes other types of natural fur.