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Haina de blană naturală, cea mai bună alegere?

Natural fur coat, the best choice?

Natural furs , shoes and diamonds have always been and always will be women's first choice in fashion. Their passion for fashion never fades. During the cold season, nothing compares to a natural fur coat. The main reason why women love this clothing item is obvious – the fur coat is always fashionable, comfortable and warm.

Plastic furs on the market can give the impression that they have a good overall image, trying to mimic the look of natural furs. Even at a cursory examination, the differences are obvious and undeniable. Natural fur clothes are the sustainable, trendy choice that gives you elegance and optimal thermal comfort. Below are some advantages that clearly support this:


Real fur coat is natural and sustainable. As long as it is kept in the right conditions, it can be worn for decades and passed down from one generation to the next.


Most fur lovers choose to buy a coat because of the look and feel it gives to the wearer. If you are looking for the most glam option, nothing can compete with the natural option. The natural fur coat has a shine that will never be able to be imitated and reproduced by an artificial fur. Furthermore, natural colors cannot be artificially replicated by any plastic item.

Thermal comfort

Even if a synthetic fur coat manages to look good in some cases, due to the design and texture of the plastic fiber, it will definitely not provide the same thermal comfort as natural fur.

Trendy regardless of the moment

Contrary to the phenomenon of fast fashion, the fur coat is an item that simply cannot go out of style. If the pattern becomes outdated, the garment can be restyled and given a new lease of life. In the cold season, nothing can be more elegant than a natural fur coat or cape . Being resistant for a very long time, it can thus become a vintage and contemporary item at the same time, but always in trend.

The quality

If you are not visually convinced of the superiority of natural furs, it is enough just to touch one. The difference from an artificial product will be obvious. The texture of fur products is unique and different from the texture of any other material, being very soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. The difference is especially noticeable in relation to the plastic fur, the texture of which is stiff and unpleasant.


The fur coat is an eco-friendly alternative to the jacket that you throw away after wearing it for two seasons. Plastics sit in landfills for hundreds of years until they decompose. Fur is a natural and biodegradable material, which decomposes in just a few years after it is no longer used.

Considering all the aspects so far, it is undeniable that the natural fur coat is the best choice a woman can make when she wants a classy, ​​fine and extravagant outfit at the same time, always on trend. Natural fur offers comfort and authenticity in cold seasons, enhances personality and, in addition, is durable and eco-friendly.