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Cum să îngrijești o haină de blană

How to care for a fur coat

Every woman dreams of a natural fur coat , elegant and warm. During the cold season, nothing compares to a natural fur coat. The main reason why women love this clothing item is obvious – the fur coat is always fashionable, comfortable and warm. If you're one of the lucky owners of such an article of clothing, it's important to know some basics about its care. The main elements are the maintenance, cleaning and storage of the fur coat.

Maintenance of a fur coat

An important property of fur is that constant exposure to pressure leads to friction of the fur strands and their damage. Even a bag with a shoulder strap that is familiar to many women will leave a mark in the form of a line. To prevent all this:

  • The natural fur coat should be placed on a sturdy hanger with wide and long shoulders so that it does not lose its shape.
  • Do not carry bags on your shoulder, and keep your hands, treated with cream, in your pockets.
  • When in a room, it is recommended to remove the coat, hang it on a suitable hanger or hanger.
  • If there is no place to store the coat in a hanging position, you should keep the coat thrown over the forearm with the fur facing inward. For long car journeys, it is recommended to remove the coat.

To eliminate the unpleasant smell, many ladies and young ladies spray eau de toilette, deodorant and essential oils on fur clothes. Here we must remember the following to properly care for a fur coat:

  • It is strictly forbidden to apply concentrated odorants directly to fur outerwear. After prolonged storage, the product will have an unpleasant smell.
  • It is not recommended to spray the hair with a hairspray near the fur. Under the influence of synthetic fixatives, fur hairs stick together, and the surface of the coat becomes susceptible to any contamination.

The main enemies of a natural fur coat are precipitation in the form of rain and snow, therefore:

  • If it's exposed to a bit of rain or snow, take off your coat and shake off the water droplets so they don't soak deep into the fur.
  • When you get home, give it a good shake, then hang it on a hanger with wide shoulders and dry it at room temperature.

Cleaning a natural fur coat

There are basically two reasons why fur should be cleaned regularly, even if it looks clean:

To remove stains and dirt – No matter how careful you are, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. In addition to drink and food stains, they can also include dirt and debris from items that can cling to the fabric.

To maintain the natural fibers – Many owners of natural fur don't realize this, but the reason real fur looks and feels so good is because of the natural oils that the fur fibers release. This is what maintains the shine you love so much. However, as the coat collects dust and dirt with use, that oil absorbs it all, meaning it cannot retain the special look of natural fur. When dust and dirt accumulate over time, it wears down the natural fibers, resulting in an unhealthy and unpleasant looking fur coat.

Proper cleaning techniques and cleaning products that are gentle but effective on fur can increase the life of the coat. Here are some techniques you can use to clean your fur coat if you can't take it to a professional:

  • Layers of dirt and dust from a fur coat cannot be removed by simple rubbing. On a dry, sunny day, take the garment outside and give it a good shake to remove debris and dirt. Once most of it is shed, use a fur brush to brush the fur and remove larger dirt particles. This brush is made of bristles that are quite similar to those of a pet brush. A fur brush is specially designed to clean beautiful natural fur without tearing the healthy fibers.
  • If your precious fur coat gets a small stain, don't try to rub it out with your fingers. The dirt will be absorbed by the fur, so you won't be doing the material any favors. Take a clean cloth, dampen it and gently dab the stain. Do not rub or you will end up pressing the stain into the delicate fibers. Be sure to use very little water to keep the fur as dry as possible.
  • If natural fur gets a little wet from rain or snow, shake off as many drops as you can when you get home and let it air dry without any external heat source, such as a hair dryer or heater. Whatever you do, don't use soap on the fur to clean it, as this can prevent the fur from producing oil.
  • If the fur coat gets very wet with water or snow, it is necessary to take it to a professional as soon as possible to prevent irreparable damage.

Proper storage of a fur coat

After cleaning your fur coat, you should store it properly, especially if you don't plan to wear it for several months. While cold storage is the best solution, it may not be a convenient option for all fur owners. If you store your fur at home yourself, here are some things you should know:

  • Do not store fur in a plastic bag. Natural fur needs to breathe or it loses its shine. Store it in a cotton pillowcase or special cover to ensure that the delicate fibers do not get crushed.
  • Do not leave the fur exposed to direct light. This can cause discoloration and oxidation, both of which can damage the material beyond repair.
  • Do not store the fur coat in a cedar closet or chest. Wood oils will draw moisture from the fur, making it weak and brittle. To keep moths away, put cedar packets only in pockets.
  • Do not put mothballs with the fur coat when storing it. This can react with air and the natural oil in the fur to produce a noxious gas. The reaction and gas can cause irreparable damage to the fur and skin in the coat.
  • In order not to damage it, it is recommended that the natural fur coat is not pressed by other clothes or items in the wardrobe.

The natural fur coat is a special article of clothing, which offers its wearer both comfort and elegance. Properly maintained, a natural fur coat can delight you for a very long time. We hope you find this fur coat maintenance guide useful and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal for any questions related to natural fur products.