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Haine Blană Naturală Nurcă

Natural Mink Fur Clothes

Is the cold season approaching and are you looking for a special piece of clothing for your wardrobe? The natural mink fur coat is the perfect option. Always on trend, the natural mink fur coat surprises every time it is worn, no matter the occasion. It fits very well both in casual outfits and with an elegant evening dress.

The main reason why women love this clothing item is obvious – the fur coat is always fashionable, comfortable and warm. When you want to wear one of the best fur coats, all you need is one of the natural mink fur coats! This stylish fur not only keeps you warm, but also shows off the wearer's exceptional fashion sense.

Whether you want to enjoy a walk on a cold winter day or you are ready for a party, the natural mink fur coat will make sure to complete your look perfectly.

Natural mink fur clothes - Advantages

Natural fur clothes they are known for the heat they maintain very well, but the star in this chapter is the natural mink fur. This type of natural fur has a short, very practical and durable yarn, thus providing increased protection and warmth.

The unique appearance and density of the material make this natural mink fur coat particularly soft to the touch and very comfortable for the wearer. The natural mink fur coat allows for clean and clear lines when it comes to design. It's understated and balanced and compliments one's wardrobe without being overpowering. It is and should be the first choice for those who want to display a delicate and sophisticated taste for fashion. It is the cutest and most popular type of natural fur.

A coat made of mink fur is a stage of success and uniqueness, an image builder in itself. Its texture is silky, comfortable to wear, breathable, relatively light and extremely warm.

Although such an article of clothing has a higher price, natural mink fur clothes have increased resistance over time. With proper care, a natural mink fur coat can remain intact for decades, thus being passed down from generation to generation. Regarding this care, there are special stages and recommendations for this type of material, so that it does not degrade. First of all, the natural mink fur coat should be stored in a dry and cool place on a sturdy hanger with wide shoulders.

If the garment has come into contact with rain or snow, it should be shaken well and then placed on a hanger and allowed to dry at room temperature. It is not recommended to apply perfume, fixative or any concentrated odorant directly to the surface of the fur because, over time, it will catch an unpleasant odor and the fur will degrade faster. A natural mink fur coat should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and stains and to maintain the natural fibers. After the cleaning has been done, the optimal storage of the fur is equally important. It is necessary that the fur is not put in plastic and be protected from sunlight.

A coat made of natural mink fur is a special article of clothing that will certainly attract all eyes and give its owner extra elegance and comfort. With the models of natural mink fur coats from Mareus you can highlight your personality in the cold season and you will surely delight all eyes.