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Mink coat

As fur coats will always be in style and in major fashion trends, it doesn't matter what time of year you purchase a brand new fur coat to add to your wardrobe. If you own real fur, then you know how luxurious they feel, look and really are while being worn. You might have a great collection in your closet, but if you're looking for a new type of fur that you don't have in your wardrobe, be adventurous and see what a mink coat has to offer. Natural mink fur coats are the most popular in the world of natural fur coats and there are several reasons to justify this popularity.

A coat made of natural mink fur symbolizes everything that fur means. They look, feel and most importantly are stylish, comfortable and luxurious. Wearing such a mink coat, the wearer is sure to turn all heads. The rich fur, luster of mink hair and unique appearance separates a mink coat from other materials such as cotton, silk, velvet or other synthetic textiles.

Mink fur is a great fur because it is very versatile. You will not only find this fur on jackets or coats, but also on hats, scarves, vests and other fur accessories. Mink fur coats are a timeless fashion piece. Buying a mink coat or jacket means you can incorporate this item of clothing into any outfit you want for years to come. The main reason why mink fur is so sought after is because of its soft texture. Mink is said to be one of the softest furs money can buy. Who doesn't want to be wrapped in fur so soft and warm it's like a luxurious blanket? And as an added bonus, mink fur is surprisingly durable considering how fine it is. You won't usually see this combination of attributes in other furs, so high quality in both categories makes mink fur extremely versatile and desirable.

Although such an article of clothing has a higher price, natural mink fur clothes have increased resistance over time. With proper care, a natural mink fur coat can remain intact for decades, thus being passed down from generation to generation.

Regarding this care, there are special stages and recommendations for this type of material, so that it does not degrade over time. First, the mink coat should be stored in a cool, dry place on a sturdy hanger with wide shoulders. If the garment has come into contact with rain or snow, it should be shaken well and then placed on a hanger and allowed to dry at room temperature. It is not recommended to apply perfume, fixative or any concentrated odorant directly to the surface of the fur because, over time, it will catch an unpleasant odor and the fur will degrade faster. A natural mink fur coat should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and stains and to maintain the natural fibers. After the cleaning has been done, the optimal storage of the fur is equally important. It is necessary that the fur is not put in plastic and be protected from sunlight.