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Palton Blană Naturală

Natural Fur Coat

It's been a long time since a winter coat was just about providing warmth and protection while you're out in the cold winter temperatures. Now it's about warmth and protection along with comfort and of course style. When people buy a winter coat, it must meet at least three of these certain requirements. If it meets all four, then it is considered an excellent choice. One such outstanding coat is the fur coat.

The most obvious benefit of a real fur coat is the incredible warmth that real fur provides. But despite the general need to keep warm, your skin also needs to breathe to prevent excessive sweating.

If your clothing or clothes are too thick or lack breathability, this will lead to sweat build-up and subsequently overheating. What's even worse? If you decide to open or remove your coat, the newly created moisture can make it difficult for you to cope with the additional cold.

Real fur coats give you unmatched heat retention while at the same time providing excellent breathability to your body. This incredible combination of characteristics makes natural fur ideal for the low temperatures of the cold season.

Natural fur coat - recommendations

To achieve a good level of warmth, the average person might wear even more layers of artificial covering. Nowadays, this is also an increasingly common trend - layering. But before you try to go out in two coats, a suit, a sweater, a shirt and a scarf, you can simply throw a natural fur coat over your shoulders and you're ready to face sub-zero temperatures and the most harsh weather conditions. Comfortable, stylish and warm – all in one.

Warmth is the most important factor to consider in winter, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on comfort or aesthetics. The organic nature of natural fur allows it to breathe, giving you optimal comfort as well.

Natural furs are both eco-friendly and human-friendly. Most artificial synthetic materials used in winter clothing take a very long time to break down. Artificial fur, the alternative to natural fur, is a 100% petroleum-based, non-biodegradable product. The fashion industry is now focusing on eco-friendly materials, replacing synthetic materials with natural, human-friendly materials or adding more recycled raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Natural fur, on the other hand, is a durable, naturally degradable and 100% human-friendly garment. With proper care, most natural fur coats can last nearly a decade, while mink and sable furs are so durable that you can pass them down to the next generation.

A coat made of natural fox fur is a special article of clothing that will surely attract all eyes and give its owner extra elegance and comfort. With the clothing items made of natural fox fur from Mareus you can highlight your personality in the cold season and you will certainly delight all eyes.