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Vestă Blană Naturală Scurtă

Short Natural Fur Vest

The short natural fur vest is at the top of favorites this season. The versatility of this clothing element, as well as the elegant appearance of natural fur, are just some of the advantages of a short natural fur vest.

You don't have to wait for a special event to wear a short natural fur vest . The natural fur vest can be worn on special occasions, but also integrated into everyday outfits. The soft and durable material gives an elegant and refined touch to any outfit. A short natural fur vest can easily be teamed with a pair of jeans for a casual look, but it also goes particularly well with an elegant evening dress.

In addition to the special appearance offered by a short natural fur vest, this item of clothing also offers high thermal comfort. Day or night, on cold days nothing compares to a natural fur vest. Artificial materials that imitate natural fur will never be able to offer the wearer the same comfort as a natural material. Another major difference between natural fur and faux fur is that the latter does not allow the skin to breathe. So, in a faux fur you will sweat a lot, especially in a closed room. Artificial furs on the market can give the impression of having a good overall image, trying to mimic the look of natural furs. Even at a cursory examination, the differences are obvious and undeniable. Natural fur clothes are the sustainable, trendy choice that gives you elegance and optimal thermal comfort.

Short natural fur vest - types

Among the most common types of natural fur vests are the natural fox fur vest, the natural mink fur vest or the natural chinchilla fur vest. Mareus offers you a wide range of models from which to choose your favorite piece. Although they are relatively expensive, natural fur vests will pass the test of time with success. With proper care, a short natural fur vest can remain intact for decades, thus being passed down from generation to generation.

Once purchased, a natural fur vest needs proper care to keep it intact over time. There are special stages and recommendations for this type of material so that it does not degrade.

First, the short natural fur vest should be stored in a cool, dry place on a sturdy hanger with wide shoulders. If the vest has come into contact with rain or snow, it should be shaken off well and then placed on a hanger and allowed to dry at room temperature. It is not recommended to apply perfume, fixative or any concentrated odorant directly to the surface of the fur because, over time, it will catch an unpleasant odor and the fur will degrade faster.

A real fur vest needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and stains and to maintain the natural fibers. After the cleaning has been done, the optimal storage of the fur is equally important. It is necessary that the fur is not put in plastic and be protected from sunlight.

A short natural fur vest is a special clothing item that will surely attract all eyes and give its wearer extra elegance and comfort. With the models of short natural fur vests from Mareus you can highlight your personality in the cold season.